Junior Players' Code of Conduct



Rights & Responsibilities


Players have the right ...

to have fun and play in a positive team environment 


and the responsibility to ... 

include everyone in the game.


Players have the right ...

to make mistakes


and the responsibility to ... 

learn from their mistakes.


Players have the right ...

to feel valued and respected


and the responsibility to ... 

to value and respect others.


Players have the right ...

to to be heard

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 5.19.24 PM.png


and the responsibility to ... 

to listen to others (coach and teammates). 


Players have the right ...

to be protected from conflict and negativity


and the responsibility to ... 

not to bully or harm each other. 

Dos & Don'ts


Do ... 

  • Try your best
  • Be a good sport
  • Play fair and play by the rules 
  • Listen to the coach and the referee


Don't ...

  • Use hurtful words to your teammates or the opposition
  • Fight
  • Hit
  • Kick
  • Bite
  • Spit


Promoting Positive Behaviour

The coaches want to:

  • help to bring out the best from the children
  • create the best environment for them to have fun and learn the game

To do this, the Coaches will:

  • encourage and reward good behaviour
  • use ‘time-outs’ to manage disruptive behaviour

We need the assistance of the parents to promote positive behaviour.

It is important that parents acknowledge behaviour that does not support a positive environment for the team and help the coaches to guide behaviours to a positive resolution.


Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct

We cannot allow any players to create a negative environment for the rest of the team.

Serious breaches of the code of conduct will not be tolerated.

Serious breaches are behaviours that include:

  • Using hurtful words to your team-mates or the opposition
  • Fighting
  • Hitting
  • Kicking
  • Biting
  • Spitting


'3-strikes' approach

First Offence:

  • 5 minutes time-out with parents
  • Coaches to discuss the matter with parents
  • Parent to stand with coach and observe behaviour when player returns to training/game

Second offence:

  • Player not allowed to continue for the rest of training/game
  • Player not allowed to train or play in a game for 1 week

Third offence:

  • Player will be asked to leave the team