Welcome Team Managers and a big thank you from our Club Committee for volunteering your time. Here you will find the information needed to prepare and manage your team ongoing for the season ahead. 

Table of contents



Working with children check

All Team Managers and Coaches are required to provide the club with a valid ‘Working with Children’ check number.

Apply for a WWCC number

Visit the NSW Kids Guardian site where you will find all the information about applying for a volunteer WWCC number. 

Verify an existing WWCC number

You can verify your existing WWCC number at the NSW Kids Guardian site.

To avoid a club fine, please supply your WWCC number to our Club Secretary via NTFCclubsecretary@gmail.com


register as a volunteer

You need to register with the NSFA as a ‘volunteer’ via the Play Football website HERE. There is no cost involved.

NOTE rather than register as a player, you will register as a volunteer. See screenshots to the left and below. Our Club Registrar, will approve the registration and then set you up with a login for the My Club Mate (MFC) system where you will find the draw for your team and be able lodge match results.



Once you're registration as a volunteer via the Play Football website has been approved, and you have been assigned to your team you will receive a login and password to login for My Club Mate.

This is an electronic match card, that can be accessed via your smartphone. We recommend saving the link as a favorite. Here you will find a number of features with the main ones of use being your team's draw (upcoming matches) and match results.

You will need to lodge match results in My Club Mate no later than Tuesday (post match) 

Team Comms with TeamStuff


As Team Manager you will need to get TeamStuff up and running for your team and keeping it updated with the NSFA draw found HERE. There is some initial effort required to set this up but once that’s done you will find it easier to manage comms with players/parents throughout the season.

Players/parents will be able to use the free TeamStuff smartphone app for games, training, and general rostering. If a junior player is unavailable, the parent can set this themselves in the app and you’ll be notified immediately. 

The app sends push notifications too so if, for example, a match is cancelled due to wet weather, all you’ll need to do is set the match as cancelled in the app and all parents/players will receive a notification on their phone that it’s been cancelled. 

If a player/parent chooses to not install the free app they can choose to receive emails instead. The emails are automatically sent from TeamStuff, it doesn’t require any more work for the Team Manager. 


Get your team set up

1. Go to https://teamstuff.com/

2. Enter your email address on the homepage and click ‘Create a team’.

3. Follow the prompts to create the team. You will have the option to set yourself as team manager, and/or coach, and/or player. (You can have multiple roles on a team.) 

4. Once you've added a player they (or their parent) will receive an email inviting them to join the team. They will click on a link from the email - register on the TeamStuff site - if they don't already have an account - and add their details, inc DOB, contact details, any medical info. The invitation email will also prompt them to download the app on their phone. 

The team is complete when all players have accepted the invitation and provided their details. 


Enter event data

  • Add a training session(s) on a recurring basis for the season.

  • Add details of each upcoming match including opposition team, date/time, venue. Draws are available from the NSFA site here as well as in My Clubmate. For juniors, the NSFA makes the next five matches available at a time. When you add matches in TeamStuff you’ll see a Settings tab. There’s a field called ‘Default Attendance Status’ - make sure this is set to ‘Coming’. Players/parents will set themselves as unavailable for a match if they can't make it.

  • Roster on a player/parent to bring fruit.

  • Roster on a player/parent to score.

  • For U6 and U7 matches, roster on a parent to referee for every match. For all other age groups, roster on a parent/player to referee for home matches.

Note: When it comes to rostering, the recommended approach is 'tell don't ask'. If you ask parents to help you're likely to get no, or at least, an insufficient response. Just tell parents what jobs they have and your life will be easier. An effective team manager, delegates :) Don't roster yourself on for any match duties; you're already doing enough.


Communicating via TeamStuff

CANCELLATIONS - If training or a match is cancelled, simply remove the event - via the mobile app or website - and select the option to notify the team. Players/parents will receive a push notification on their phone. 

CHANGES - If a match's details change (check Fridays to be safe - usually time or venue) - update the details and select the option to notify the team. Players/parents will receive a push notification on their phone. 

MESSAGES - You can send messages via the website. Click on the 'Messages' icon and enter your message. 

EMAIL - TeamStuff allows you to create an email address for your team (click on the 'Team Contact Info' icon) using the @teamstuff.com domain. Use this address to send emails from your email client.

The Match

U6 & U7 squads

As U6 and U7 squads are comprised of two teams, the manager and/or coach needs to decide on the team lists prior to the match. Mix the teams up from week to week. 

It's highly recommended that you email the team lists along with a nominated helper per team, to parents prior to the match so that on match day the kids know which team they're in. It minimises the pre-kick off chaos if the kids don't need to be corralled and know where they need to be. 

When the opposition arrives, introduce yourself to their manager and agree on which end each side is taking for the first half. You don't need to keep time as there will be a grounds co-ordinator who will sound the buzzer for match start, half time, and match end. 

Players can't switch between teams on match day; they must play the entire match with the one team. 

Each side (club) needs to provide a referee so that there is a referee for both matches.

As you will have rostered on a parent for fruit, scoring and a helper for one team (or both teams if the coach isn't available), everyone should know what they need to do and there should be little need to co-ordination by the team manager.

U8 teams (and older)

From U8s the squad is simply one team (no longer 2 teams as you had for U6 & U7) which means you don't need to worry about the team lists each week.

When the opposition arrives, introduce yourself to their manager and agree on which end each side is taking for the first half.

The home team is responsible for keeping time. (There isn't a ground co-ordinator from U8s and up.) 

The home team is also responsible for supplying a referee.

As you will have rostered on a parent for fruit, scoring and possibly a helper if the coach isn't available, everyone should know what they need to do and there should be little need for co-ordination by the team manager.



SCORING FOR U6 - U11 (MiniRoos)

Keeping score on a notepad is fine. There's no need to print out scoresheets with player's names listed. 

Some team managers like to have an official looking score sheet but that just involves more work.

When keeping score the scorer should mark own goals against the player who scored it. If the team is new and parents don't know all the kids names yet, it helps to write the players names down on the score sheet (piece of paper).

At the end of the match the scorers (or managers) for each team need to cross-check scores to make sure they the results match.

All results are lodged in My Clubmate, so there's no need to keep your physical scoresheets.


SCORING FOR U12 & older (Competition)

From U12 and up - Info about electronic match cards to come.



After the match, log on to My Clubmate. Look for the section called 'Match Results' - and enter the results. Enter the own goals by the player who scored the goal(s). Results will need to be lodged by the Tuesday after the match.

View 'How to lodge match results' demo below. 


Each team has a Player of the Week trophy which is awarded to the player that the Coach and Manager believe has demonstrated good sports-person-ship, improvement and team spirit. The Player of the Week takes the trophy home and must return it prior to the following match.  

In addition, the Player of the Week trophy the player will receive a $5 voucher courtesy of our Principal Partner the Chriss Family IGA to spend in store.