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Angus Swift

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Background - I lived in Wahroonga until age 5 and then moved to North Turramurra where I have lived for the past 15 years. I played for Wahroonga for about 8 seasons. In my under 15 season I joined the local representative team, the Northern Tigers for just the one season. I then played two seasons with St Ives FC. Since the age of 17, I have played for the mighty North Turramurra Magpies (easily the best years of my footballing career).


Coaching qualifications - I hold Grassroots and SAP Licences (Skill Acquisition Phase.) This accredits me to coach players from ages 6-13. In 2018, I was the recipient of an NSFA Class C Coaching Scholarship. This is the first stage of my Senior Coaching Accreditation as I am Head Coach for our Men’s All Age squad.

Best advice a coach has given me - You have to believe you are good enough and better than anyone on the field. Football is mind over matter.

What I love about coaching is ... Coaching is a constant learning curve and I find it teaches me skills useful not only for football but for life too. This includes leadership, communication and more. Forming a bond with my players is also very rewarding and most importantly its always huge fun.

The team I support is ... Manchester United of course.

My most embarrassing moment on the football field is ... Shooting for goal and the ball going out for a throw-in (a $10 fine in Men's All Age).

Omar Husaini

Background  - Born in Sydney, I moved to the Middle East at the age of two which is where my football career started. I returned at the age of twelve and played two seasons at Wahroonga Tigers FC (with fellow coach Angus Richardson). I played a year with the Northern Tiger’s Development Squads and then with Lindfield FC for a further year. At age 17, I played with St Ives FC for two years before joining this great club in 2018.

Omar in full flight for the Magpies!

Omar in full flight for the Magpies!

Coaching qualifications - I hold both a Grassroots and SAP Coaching Licence.

Best advice a coach has ever given me - The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning!  

What I love about coaching is ... it allows me to develop certain life skills which will help me off the field in the future. I love the satisfaction of having the junior players look at you and smile because you are playing part in their enjoyment and overall improvement as a player.

The team I support is ... Manchester United

My most embarrassing moment on the football field is ... back in U16s, I was playing striker and was one on one with the keeper when I managed to hit the post from close range. The ball came back off the post and hit me straight in the face (resulting in a black eye).

Michael McEvoy

Background - I played Gaelic football as a kid growing up in Ireland. I have played club "soccer" from my early twenties and haven't missed too many seasons since then! 

Coaching qualifications - I've coached many men’s teams and various junior teams thus far. I've had different qualifications in different football federations and I hold an NSFA Grassroots training qualification.


Best advice a coach has ever given me - Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.

What I love about coaching is ... Seeing people achieve more than they thought was possible. 

The team I support is ...  Sydney FC

My most embarrassing moment on the football field is ... Knocking into a team mate and cutting open his eye brow, the day before he was due to have laser surgery for his eye-sight. He went to hospital for stitches and the surgery was cancelled.

Angus Richardson

Background - I was born and raised in Wahroonga and have been playing football since the age of six. I have spent the last four years training as a sprinter. I’ve played for St Ives and Wahroonga FC before joining the Mens All Age squad for the mighty Magpies!

Angus on the ball for our 2019 Men’s All Age Squad

Angus on the ball for our 2019 Men’s All Age Squad

Coaching qualifications - I hold a Grassroots and Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) coaching licence.

Best advice a coach has ever given me - My under 12s coach taught us to “Take it to the line and cut it back” and for the defenders “you can’t run without legs”

What I love about coaching is ... Coaching our U12’s as it’s been great to see their progression each week as they learn how to play competition football on the bigger field and having a laugh with the boys each week at training.

The team I support is ...  Liverpool

My most embarrassing moment on a football field is ... Stepping up to take a penalty from the spot and kicking it straight at the keeper, then going on to lose the game. 

Daniel Arefpour

Background - I have been playing Football since i was six years old. Since coming to Australia in 2011, I have played for clubs such as Castle Hill United, St Ives FC, and now with the mighty North Turramurra FC.  

Coaching qualifications - Skill Acquisition certification and currently coaching the younger Magpies.

Daniel with eyes on the ball

Daniel with eyes on the ball

Best advice a coach has ever given me - Aim to constantly communicate with teammates on the field.

What I love about coaching is ... Seeing the postive responses and development outcomes from the players and training sessions.

The team I support is ... Manchester United.

My most embarrassing moment on a football field is ... Going for a volley and completely missing the ball.

Tina Phillips

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 5.07.52 pm.png

Background - I have lived in North Turramurra for almost 20 years. Growing up we moved around as my Dad was in the RAAF. I grew up playing many different sports including netball, volleyball and hockey but only started playing football after my second son Micah was born. I started out playing for Wahroonga and I now play for Kissing Point. I have been coaching my older sons, Kaiden and Micah's teams for seven years now and I am actively involved in promoting the growth of Female Football.

Coaching qualifications - I have a Grassroots coaching qualification.

Best advice a coach has ever given me - To always play within the spirit of the game, to give my all, but most of all to have fun.

What I love about coaching is ... My favourite part of coaching is being able to watch the players grow in confidence. I love being able to encourage them, especially the less confident players. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a player master a new skill, grow in confidence and enjoy playing the game. Their smiles are my favourite part. I also love having my older boys and some of the other U15 players assisting at junior training and seeing them share their skills and passion for the game with the younger kids.

The team I support is ... Manchester City- I love watching the way that they play as a team, in particular De Bruyne as he moves the ball around and sets up goals for his team mates, as well as score a few along the way.

My most embarrassing moment on a football field is ... I can’t think of a particular moment: but I have done many air swings, missed tackles and face plants as I have hit the turf, often in a superman position as I fly through the air as my family have watched on.

Jordan Batten

Background - I've been playing football pretty much ever since I could walk, I played for Wahroonga from under 6's until the club ceased to exist. The best years of football I played and the ones I have most enjoyed were since 2017 when the boys from Wahroonga and North Turramurra merged to create our Men's All Age team. Since then I’ve been playing for the Magpies and haven’t looked back.

Jordan poised to strike

Jordan poised to strike

Coaching qualifications - I have completed a Grassroots certification and am currently undertaking my Skills Acquisition course, with a view to obtaining a Class C licence in the future.

Best advice a coach has ever given me - If you don't go out there believing and knowing in your heart that you can win, you've already lost.

What I love about coaching is ... Connecting with the kids, watching and facilitating the growth that happens over the course of each season. New friendships, skills, personal development, for both the coach and the players.

The team I support is ... Arsenal.. for my sins!

My most embarrassing moment on a football field is ... Being the goalkeeper when an opposition player scored directly from a corner, and then dislocating my shoulder (making a brilliant save) in the same game...