Risk Management Policy


Policy position

North Turramurra Football Club (the Club) recognises the inherent degree of risk involved in football as a contact sport, however strives to provide a safe, fair and effectively managed environment for all players, spectators, coaches, officials, administrators and visiting clubs.


Scope of policy

This policy applies to all members of the Club, including players, non-playing members, coaches, officials and administrators whether in a voluntary or remunerated position.

This policy is a key component of the Club’s risk management framework and provides strategic direction and overarching guidance to the other components, being:

  • risk management plan, which sets out the club’s approach to implementing this policy on a practical level through establishing processes for effective identification and mitigation of operational, reputational and financial risks to the Club, and
  • risk register, which is a dynamic record of risks identified and mitigation strategies undertaken.


Policy principles

The Club is committed to identifying, assessing and mitigating risks, in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Risks for the Club will be identified and categorised as operational, reputational or financial.
  2. Risks will be assessed according to their likelihood and potential severity, and a five-point risk assessment rating applied.
  3. The Committee will determine appropriate mitigation strategies and risk treatment priorities, in the context of resources available.
  4. Risks, risk ratings, mitigating strategies, responsible Committee positions and milestone dates for implementation of mitigation strategies will be recorded in the Club’s risk register.
  5. The Committee will review, evaluate and update the risk register on a quarterly basis, or more frequently as required. 
  6. The Committee will keep records of incidents and analyse trends to inform future mitigation strategies.


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Review date: March 2016



NTFC President